Saturday, September 11, 2010

what were you thinking?

husband, what were you thinking??? 
last night he was about to print the tickets out for the concert,
when he noticed the show was not until oct. 9th. 
so, no klaxons yet. 
but it will be on our 2-year anniversary weekend,
 so it'll be a fun date when we do go.

instead, we went to our friend kyle's house.

he had a mini grad school reunion (people from my clinical psych master's program).

we played cranium and then our favorite game: what were you thinking...

it is an old game and can't be found in stores or online,
unless you are willing to pay $200 for it on amazon.

will's mom's best friend made us our own homemade version of it.
it's always a hit.
really, we never get tired of it.

you can play it without any game pieces though so here's the scoop:
this game is similar to family feud,
 and has the opposite objective of scattergories.
you don't want to be creative here.
you want to think like the masses.

everyone needs a piece of paper and a pen.
then, pick a topic...say, michael jackson.
"think of 5 things that come to mind when you think of michael jackson"
everyone writes down 5 things that they think other people might also write.
no cheating by giving hints or telling others what direction you are taking your answers in.
when everyone is done, you read your answers.
if someone else has the same answer as you, you get to cross it off.
the person with the most unique answers left (not crossed off) loses that round.
and you make fun of that person for writing odd things.
you can keep track of who loses the most rounds.
then you make fun of that person :)

it's fun, i promise!


  1. That game sounds fun. Let's get together and play it!

  2. You know what is so funny? The photo of the group in the room with the fireplace looked exactly like your place. I had to reread the post because I thought they had all gathered at your house! So fun you still hang out with Kyle! I miss him! He's so fun!!