Monday, September 20, 2010

swedish meatballs.

ikea is one of my happy places.
holding hands with my hubby and walking in the entrance is so exhilarating.
could be because i associate it with pre-wedding excitement and newlywed apartment furnishing.
or it could be because of all the amazing and cheap textiles, furniture and knick-knacks i always leave with.

so tonight we went on a date and had some swedish meatballs.
will always says he gets dizzy when we walk through ikea.
that's because he always wants to get the heck out of there so he walks too fast.
he isn't a huge fan of shopping like me.
i'd rather stop and smell the roses.

we pretended we owned one of the gorgeous modern kitchens.
we picked out a light fixture to go above our kitchen table in our future home.
and, we got lost a few times but that is part of the fun.

we came home and while blasting some good music will built our new bookshelf...

and i built some green and orange boxes to put in the cubbies.
the orange looks way brighter and better in person.

we feel very accomplished and we love how the shelf looks in our office!


  1. i love the STUFF from ikea, but i'm with will. that place is SO big and draining. ryan & i call it "sweedish hell." the food is good though.

  2. Awesome!! That's going to look great in your office! I love Ikea. Joel and I went once here in Queensland and he was like, "Get me out of here!" It was never-ending! I could buy so much from there though. I love looking at all of the displays!

  3. I know the same exciting feeling you are talking about. I can NOT wait to decorate the place for David and I! Thank goodness IKEA is all over Switzerland. :-)