Saturday, September 4, 2010

DIY paper flowers.

so my friend is getting married and she wants do paper and wood flowers...
i love that idea because you can use recycled materials and they will last forever! 
she asked me for some links and i had a ton bookmarked. 
so i thought i'd share them here too!

i'm a DIY freak...i save inspiration & craft ideas like crazy.
it's so hard to find the time to craft though!
although i somehow made 2 skirts yesterday!
for one of the skirts i used an old ugly vintage dress.
i love making things from something
that would otherwise be thrown out.

so anyway i love that you can make flowers from paper!
and OLD antiqued stinky book pages would be the best!

musical the detail!
i like how the petals are crinkled too.
from the wedding chicks

scrunched & twisted scrapbook paper strips

they'd be fun decorations not only for a wedding
but for a birthday party, bridal or baby shower, or just to brighten up your home...
hung on a string or on sticks/branches in colorful vases.

recycle your paper
super fast with a paper shredder.

love the antiqued look!
and the button possibilities are endless!
try buying old yellowing-paged books from the thrift store for this.
from it's all in the details

these garlands are stunning...made from coffee filters.
you could also try it with cupcake liners! they're already colored!
from pam garrison

so realistic looking!
these are made with crepe paper.
from the brides cafe

i was thinking these might be jazzed up a little better
if you put a rosette type wad of the paper in the center.
from brickabrack

these are super sweet and 70's :)

love how simple and delicate these are.

these are some of my favorites...
love the subtle asian flavor.
from dozi design

these are some of my favorite fabric flowers.
i think it'd be fun to experiment with this tutorial
using different types of paper...
wrinkled old book pages or crepe paper maybe.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this paper flower tree.
photo by clayton austin and
tutorial from the city cradle

i really like the pinwheel look.
these are from a wedding shot by


  1. love the maya made tutorial for the pom-pomish flowers. i'm definitely doing that on penny's birthday presents next week.

  2. Thanks for sharing these links! I love them.

  3. Thanks you using my paper flowers from brickabrack as an example. I was able to use them for a wedding I did two weeks ago. Here's a link about how we utilized them:

    Good on your crafting adventures~