Saturday, November 3, 2012


i'm obsessed with japan, and we are huge sushi fans.
and of course, i love any excuse to craft!

i knew violet would be most comfortable wearing a onesie for her costume.
she definitely won't wear a hat, and even a headband is pushing it.
i had to give her chopsticks so she wouldn't pull her headband off.

here she is in her handmade california roll sushi costume.

this costume got my wheels turning, and this one was my inspiration.
i made violet's for around $15, and it was super simple.
read on if you'd like details...
(sorry my tutorial steps lack time for that!)


+ black or white onesie (found mine here)
+ felt in colors to make your sushi
4 sheets of white, and 1 sheet of each of the other colors
(i used peach, lime green, regular green, red, & orange)
+ piece of elastic for headband
+ hot glue gun & glue sticks
+ needle & thread


1. measure your onesie's width near the belly,
and cut out 2 white circles to match the width.
try finding plates in various sizes to use as patterns.

2. cut out about 24 pieces of white felt for rice.
fold your felt so you are cutting two pieces at a time.

3. arrange your rice around the outer edges of your circles.

4. for the crab, cut out a half circle of white felt,
and a slightly larger half circle of red felt.

5. for the avocado, cut out a quarter of a circle of lime green felt,
and a slightly larger quarter of a circle of regular green felt.

6. for the carrots, cut out 4-6 squares of orange felt.

7. now experiment by arranging your sushi pieces in the circles.
you may have to cut down your pieces a bit smaller to fit nicely.
attach the felt pieces to the circles using your hot glue gun.

8. sew the circles on to the front & back of the onesie,
using a needle and thread.
tip: try using elastic thread if you want your onesie to stretch.
this will keep it easy to get on & off your baby.

9. for the wasabi, cut a circle of lime green felt.
stitch it with a needle and thread as if you are making a yo yo flower,
but you will puff it back up when you're done.

10. for the ginger, cut some scraps of peach felt, keeping the edges rounded.
fold them and pile them together a bit sloppy.
stitch them together.

11. measure a piece of elastic to fit your baby's head.
sew it or hot glue it together (i prefer a sewing machine for this).
using the hot glue gun, attach the ginger & wasabi to the headband.

add some tights or enjoy your little sushi roll :)


  1. Very clever and cute! No pictures of you as a geisha though? You looked fantastic as well!

  2. Very clever and cute! No pictures of you as a geisha though? You looked fantastic as well!

  3. I am melting, she is so adorable and you're incredibly talented!

    Random segue but have you been to Makino in Irvine? Amazing food. Every sushi is like a piece of artwork and they also have the most delicious ramen and udon.

    1. We haven't! But now I'm excited to try it. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

  4. That turned out SO well and super functional for a little babe! Your whole family looked so great! I love it!

  5. super cute jenn! i love coordinating family costumes - you guys were so cute. my very favorite part of violet's costume is the wasabi and ginger headband! home made costumes are the best (cutest AND cheapest)

    1. yes cute & cheap, plus fun to make! i love that your kiddos finally fit into those outfits!!!!!!!!!