Monday, September 29, 2008


today was crazy!
i went to work and got rained on,
then went to mitsuwa, ate yummy japanese food,
and bought 20 boxes of pocky and 20 boxes of mochi for the wedding!
i got to use my japanese (sumimasen)!
the calbee i wanted won't be in until tomorrow so i'll go back next week,
but this sweet lady totally hooked me up with ice boxes and ice,
to pack the mochi for the drive home to my freezer.
i get really sentimental when i pass by the JTB counter at mitsuwa.

i just found my october nylon magazine in a big box of mail in the dining room,
and who is staring at me off the cover but zooey deschanel herself, phew.
i think i'll save the reading for aruuuubaaaa,
along with my few hundred books will's parents have been storing for me.

i stopped over at savers tonight,
 and saw the most AMAZING 60s vintage couch i wanted to die for,
was ready to buy and then this dude saw me sitting on it and was like
"my mother in law just bought that couch, is it comfy?"
i asked how much she paid, and when he said 20 bucks, my heart hurt!
i tried bribing them but to no avail.
she apparently chose it over any couch from pottery barn and i can't blame her.

on an awesome note........

last week i had the pleasure of photographing CSS...(i wish they were this hot in real life)

and tomorrow i will be photographing MSTRKRFT!

i'll post some of my photos when i get the chance.

PS for those of you who received our wedding invitation,
 you need to get your lil RSVP-lagging booties over to


  1. I tried to RSVP and it wasnt working! We will be there for both the wedding and reception.... of course!

  2. Hey!! I saw your blog on Lori Davis' blog. Check ours out if you get a chance. We'll be at the wedding next friday! :)

  3. haha!! oh, man! i was one of those rsvp lagging booties! sorry.