Monday, December 6, 2010

george michael cera.

so it has been a few days now but i'm still giddy...
we went to go see passion pit the other night at the fox theater.
we barely got in, so i was too afraid to ask for a photo pass hook up.
but that would have been amazing!
anyway, so we didn't plan on catching the opening bands,
because we hadn't heard of them,
but we were in total awe and wonder,
when MICHAEL CERA shows up on stage,
playing bass in MISTER HEAVENLY.

i knew he was somehow involved with islands,
because of this video 
this band sounded like islands,
and we dug it.

that night, walking back to our car, 
after trying to see if our special color wristbands
were actually "special" or not,
we were talking about how cool it would have been
to meet michael cera.
we are truly obsessed with arrested development, by the way.

all of a sudden, will says "there he is"...
he was right in front of us on the sidewalk,
walking our direction,
with the lead singer of islands.

anyway, i freaked out inside,
and i said "hi"....
and he said "hi..." (awkwardly)
as we walked past each other,
and it was AMAZING!!!!!

that's pretty much the extent of it. i'm a pathetic nerd, i know.
i rarely get starstruck or excited about "famous" people.
but seriously....."everybody loves him, he's GEORGE MICHAEL"

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