Monday, December 6, 2010

do you ears a favor...

attention folks!

we (the hubby and i) are launching an indie music blog!

it's called GOLDEN SCANS.
blogging over the years i have received a lot of feedback
from friends & readers who would tell me they would come to my blog
and listen to the playlist...and when was i coming out with a new playlist...
and what happened to the playlists...etc. sorry about that.
anyway, i do post music videos on this blog now and then.
just not consistently.

enter solution.
will and i have teamed up to create a special spot...
your hunt for good music ends HERE.
we are music nerds and get really excited when we find good new music.
we just wanted to create a place to share our music finds with our friends,
 and anyone else that wants to visit.
so, please stop by and check it out!
we will be posting music news and awesome new finds,
 as well as creating new playlists every so often. hope you like...

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