Thursday, August 12, 2010

quite content.

i'd be quite content if i could score some
pretty handmade pieces from nadinoo.

i would definitely pair these minis with some leggings, opaque tights, or super skinny jeans.

aren't they all so lovely?

new job update:
checked out my office,
got my faculty parking pass and keys,
finished my syllabus.
now i'm just preparing lectures
(oh yeah, and waiting for my instructor's copy of my textbook to finally arrive!!).
i still need to go shopping for fashionable professional clothes,
and find a good bag too.
any recommendations?

1 comment:

  1. These are seriously adorable! You are going to be great at teaching and I'm sure you'll look amazing while doing it. I'm so excited for your you! Good luck finding professional attire that both fits and looks cute. It is normally a nightmare for me. My best luck is with Ann Taylor/or the Loft (they have 0 petites) and Express. At Express they have great slacks I get the double 00. Boring stores, I know but when you are short and small there aren't too many choices. Unless you live in Japan right? I hate looking like I'm wearing my mom's clothes.