Sunday, August 15, 2010

comic con wrap up!

will and i, our friends matt & niki, and kelly & jason went to
comic con this year in san diego. it was a lot of fun! we saw famous people,
cool art, movie previews, tv sneak peeks, and LOTS of costumed nerds.
we also took time to hang out in old town, go to the beach, and eat out
for every meal (we all gained a few pounds each).

so it was a month ago but here are some of the highlights:
(disclaimer: i thought it'd be so much easier to only bring
my rebel camera, the kit lens, use the on-camera flash, 
and shoot on automatic. i will never do that again.
if i give up that much control i will never be happy with the results.)

we got to see extended trailers of awesome new movies coming out.
it was very cool to be in the presence of awesome people like will ferrell and rainn wilson.
i don't really care about celebrities but these two actually excited me.

ellen page, liv tyler.

rainn wilson was the best!!! i love him.
will ferrell had the whole room laughing uncontrollably!
old town san diego.
check out ll cool j's guns.
these two were dead on for that movie enchanted!
how nerdy is that...check your light sabers, wooden swords, and ghostbuster guns here.
the tradeshow was packed.
this guy was 6'9". i am 5'2". fun.

there was a ton of cool art being displayed and sold.
i had to buy this sweet robot picture. i LOVE ROBOTS!
nice fanny pack spiderman.
we went to the yo gabba gabba panel of course.
yo gabba gabba (matt & jason, directors) got us in to comic con.
jason got to speak in the ygg panel.
sadly, the panel pictures from my sucky camera/sucky lens were poop.
some kid from twilight. i thought my little sis would appreciate this picture :)
good ol r2d2. this smile was the kind you have when the person trying to take the 
picture is having camera problems, and you keep smiling for like 2 minutes
straight, and everyone else is waiting to get their picture in that spot,
and staring at you....and you're over it.
it was fun!!!


  1. looks like a blast! i would have been excited to see will ferell and rainn wilson too.

  2. LL Cool J was there?!!!!! I'm so jealous! I love all of thep hotos of you with the nerds and the "Check Costume Weapons" photo face of yours haha! That looked like SO much fun.

  3. Looked fun! I love the art pieces you guys got.