Monday, March 21, 2011

perfect pumps.

i just can't get enough of beso!
have you tried it? do you love it too?

beso is a useful shopping site...and i'm hooked.
they spotlight clothing, accessories, and even stuff for the home!

so, basically, beso is like a free personal shopper!

i LOVE that you can add products to your favorites list.
i like to watch for the pricey brand name items to go on sale ;)
even better, you can save brands or stores to your favorites list.
(some of mine: asos, mango, topshop, banana republic, marc jacobs, loft, seychelles)
and let's face it. sometimes it's just fun to "fantasy shop".

at you can search for a unique type of clothing,
without having to waste time sifting through a ton of different websites.
in one place, you can see all your options across the web, as well as prices.
you can even narrow down your selection by brand, which is really useful.

one thing i am always on the lookout for is comfortable heels.
i teach...yes, i am a professor, i look like i'm 18 years old, and i'm 5'2".
so, i pretty much HAVE to wear heels.
sometimes i am on campus for 12 hours. it's pretty ridiculous.
and by the time i get home, my feet HATE me.
also i like variety, so just because i have one pair of comfy black pumps,
doesn't mean i want to plan my outfit around those same shoes every time i teach.

with beso, you can search for a specific type of shoes...
maybe you need 2-inch pumps (good height for me to wear all day)...
maybe you like peep toe pumps so you can show off your pretty painted toenails.
beso can point you in the direction of TONS of cute leather pumps.
i'm super fond of straps and ties lately. look at all these cute finds!

i found so many cute ones...i'm still deciding. help me???
one thing's for sure...i'm addicted to beso.

1 comment:

  1. I'm addicted to beso as well.
    I love all the pumps you picked, but the yellow ones and the gold ones are my favorite. No wonder you are still deciding. They are all perfect!