Saturday, March 19, 2011

perfect circle.

this week my friend and i went to the
perfect circle cupcakery in old town orange.
neither of us had tried their cupcakes before.

we split a pumpkin cupcake,
and polished it off with half a lemon cupcake each.

aren't they adorable? they were so perfect tasting!
if you are cupcake obsessed,
check out the cupcake activist for tons of cupcake reviews.

after our treat we browsed some antique stores.
i got an amazing green glass cake stand,
a cute vintage pillow, and some really cheap clothes.
it was a fun little girl date!

so glad it's saturday. the hubby and i are just sitting in our pj's,
trying to figure out what fun things we should do today.
it's supposed to rain which kind of puts a damper
on the outdoor activities i had in mind, 
but i'm sure we'll think of something.

just wanted to remind you that TODAY is the
LAST DAY to enter the CSN stores giveaway!
click here to enter, if you haven't yet.
really wish i could win it for myself!
there are so many amazing products you could use it for!
the winner will be picked this afternoon :)


  1. There's a place in my town that sells teeny-tiny cupcakes and I'm so in love with them. They taste good and all but it's how perfect they are in their wee-ness that gets me. :)

    Hope you found something fun!


  2. YUM YUM YUM. Those look amazing. Pumpkin cake is one of my new favorite foods and I can only imagine how wonderful pumpkin CUPCAKES are!:)

  3. i am for sure cupcake obsessed! it's the ideal sweet treat to savor and you girls look like you had the best time enjoying yours. girlfriend time is rad hey. happy to hear you nailed some awesome scores along the way! ♥