Saturday, September 7, 2013

REVIEW OF THE LA SHOP. contacted me about trying out one of their products.
when i saw that they offered photography products, i got super excited!

i chose a 24" photo cube studio.
as soon as i got it, i put it to work, photographing jewelry for my IG shop.
i usually use natural light, but this was so easy to use!
if you know how to shoot using manual mode, you can definitely use this studio.

just FYI these bracelets are for sale in my IG shop for just $12!

i am working on making some pretty geode necklaces...

and have a whole box of vintage shoes i still need to sell!

i used the photo cube studio again,
 and experimented with a bunch of different products.
so awesome! i love it!

the studio came with 2 lightbulbs and adjustable light stands. they work great.

you can change the background color too.

the studio and fabrics fold up and fit into a circular zipper pouch,
so it's really easy to store.
only one little issue with it, and this is pretty much unavoidable.
the backdrops get a little wrinkled. i could have easily gotten out my steamer.
i'll steam it next time, and keep it hanging in my closet to avoid wrinkles.

so, thank you to, i love my photo cube studio!
make sure to check out their products.
they have a pretty random but rad assortment!
i've had my eye on some of their gardening products!

disclaimer: this post was sponsored by the la shop.
all opinions are my own.

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