Thursday, June 7, 2012

textbook love.

i'm on summer break,
but in a way, i work year round.
i do a lot of research for my classes when i'm not busy teaching.
my current task is to review some new textbooks.
i'm thinking of adopting different ones starting next semester.

something that i always hear students complaining about,
and that bothered me when i was a student too,
is how expensive textbooks are.
i understand how much time, talent and expertise
goes in to developing and publishing them,
but college students are poor!
tuition is expensive,
and they don't have much time to work,
due to all the time they spend on their studies.

i just heard about
i had no idea it was so easy to rent a textbook.
they have free shipping,
and students can still write in the book.
the BEST part is, every time someone rents a book from them,
they donate to OPERATION SMILE!

i know that some students want to hang on to their books,
but honestly, investing in and maintaining a library of textbooks
makes sense during graduate school,
but so much not for general ed & undergrad classes.

this is the textbook i've been using for one of my classes.
can't wait to tell my students they can save $100 by renting!

they didn't have fancy stuff like this when i was a student :(

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  1. renting is the only way to go! i have been renting since my first semester of college. saved me buckets and buckets of money.