Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a day in my life, part 1.

last week i challenged myself to take photos of my whole day.
the normal routines, the everyday mundane tasks,
the moments i usually don't think about photographing,
because they don't seem special.

i really want to remember this time in my life,
being a first-time mama to a sweet baby,
because it truly is special.
photos can hold more than just memories for me.
they can encompass such strong emotions.

i got about halfway through my day,
and had to ditch the camera when things got a little busy.
so here is part 1 of a day in my life.

violet goes to sleep at 10pm, and wakes up for a snack at 6am.
she sneaks into our bed, and then she sleeps in until 10am.
she seriously wakes up THIS HAPPY every morning!
first & foremost, we change her giant diaper and get her dressed.
in this photo, she is spitting all over me. silly girl.
next stop is breakfast.
i eat a LOT since i'm breastfeeding.
2 hardboiled eggs, a cran-bran muffin top, blueberries, and a whole mango.
violet had a pureed banana.
she just started on fruits, after having only vegetables for the first month.

this is where she "hangs" out while i get my shower.
 she isn't too pleased about it.

little v LOVES spending time outside.
we water the plants everyday.
some days we weed the garden or trim back the plants.
i love when our bougainvillea is blossoming like this.
 she absolutely loves the windchimes in our backyard.
 our little lemon tree is bearing fruit, so exciting!
we have lots of rosebushes.
they are a pain to take care of, 
and i'm still learning how to handle them,
but they sure are beautiful.

violet takes 3 naps a day.
this is when i try and get a little work done.
even though it's summer, i am still corresponding with my students.
post-nap...she wakes up happy of course!

and here is a typical lunch for me.
vegetarian chicken patty cut up in whole wheat pita bread,
with cheese, lettuce, hummus, and a sprinkle of lemon juice.
my favorite veggie chips, carrot sticks, and pink lemonade.

here is violet on her playmat, keeping busy while i eat lunch.
she loves her activity center too.
she can keep herself entertained pretty well.
then we take her daily walk.
she is so calm and quiet, taking in all the sights & sounds.
snack time for mama.
remember, i am nursing baby girl every 2-3 hours.
i pretty much have to eat that frequently too.
a peach, cheese squares, and snap pea crisps.
lots of water all day too.

we play together and she climbs all over me.

and then i try to get some photo editing done.

while changing her diaper, i realize she wants to play with the diaper caddy.
lately, her favorite toys are ordinary things around the house.

so, after about 10 minutes of editing photos,
i turn around and see what a cute little mess she has made.

so, the camera and i made it to around 4pm.
6 hours of the day covered. not bad, right?

thanks for following along :)
we'll work on part 2 of a day in my life sometime soon.


  1. What a fun little buddy you have! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this! Violet is so beautiful and you eat super healthy!

    1. i love to eat healthy but i also love to eat junk! :)

  3. She is SOOOO darling!!!! She looks like you! And I need to eat more like you! Looks so yummy :)

    1. thanks alexis! we try to keep lots of fresh fruits & veggies in the house, and instead of bread we use tortillas or pitas. that's the basics! but then we go off the deep end sometimes and pig out :)

  4. its amazing how they don't actually need toys. things around the house totally suffice. nikson digs all our mixing bowls.

    1. her new favorite thing is a hanger! she can't open kitchen cupboards yet but that will be a lot of fun i'm sure, haha!

  5. i know i say it every time but she is too cute. and your roses are beautiful. i love how serious she looks on your walk.