Wednesday, December 2, 2009


ooh i love thinking up gifts, browsing gifts, buying gifts, and wrapping gifts!

here are 15 cool holiday gift ideas...

1) a classic typewriter! $325...
would love to have one of these. gotta love the hot pink enter key.

2) giving gleam cuff $68...i would feel like a lovely mermaid in this bangle.

3) best short stories from roald dahl $12 new or $7 of my favorite books!

4) ikaraoke! karaoke on your ipod. $ amazing!

5) canvas camera bag! $16...very first season paul frank-esque

6) old skool cookie jar! plus a bunch of cookie cutters. $25...would love to see this at my mother-in-law's.

7) reprodepot pattern book - vintage textile designs $16...get your creative juices flowing.

8) print (this one is by jessica bruah)... choose from hundreds of prints in many sizes...from $20 - $2000

9) grocery bag kit $35...these look super efficient. they hold 2-3x more than regular grocery bags!

10) vintage headphones $70...helpful when you have 2 imacs running and 2 itunes open

11) talking japanese watches! $15...i have one of these from like 5 years ago. way cool!

12) lost - season 5 $37...comes out next week, just in time for giving as a holiday gift.

13) green chiffon ruffle flower handbag $ feminine and flirty

14) elephant bookend $30...too fun! who doesn't love elephants?

14) kime buzzelli inspired eyeshadow palette $ her art. 
now you can look like a fairy from her paintings.

i could go on forever but i'll stop there. happy shopping!

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