Tuesday, September 30, 2014


you guys...being a mama to 2 is seriously kicking my butt.
we have been busy with preschool, play doh, legos,
weekly outings to disneyland, playdates with friends,
swimming in the pool, taking walks around the neighborhood,
and just trying to keep up with the kiddos.

i started teaching again in august,
but have been turning down photography.
i used to be the person who never said no.
i always had my foot in a million doors.
lately i've been trying to keep both feet
in my own door, to really be present
as i have my house full of little ones.

violet was a first child...
so she had monthly blog posts,
to help me document all her milestones.

oh, poor little ivy, the second child.
at least i have been trying my hardest
to keep up with taking her monthly photos, right?
we do what we can :)

3 months

4 months

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  1. She is darling and a great reason to say no to others. :) I am now a mom to three, new baby this year as well. Although I absolutely love it, it is impossible to add more little people into your life without needing to make room for them in other areas. I have more to do than hours in a day, but my heart is even more packed full thank my to do list, so it's a great trade off. I also personally found when I had 2 that once the baby gets to 2, things seem to ease a little and you can get back a little time for yourself or a hobby. Then they can really start to be true playmates. Best wishes & congrats on your gorgeous new addition. They are all so scrumptious at this age, aren't they??? I wish it didn't go quite so quickly.