Thursday, June 20, 2013


i've worn contacts for about 10 years now.
i've also had glasses but never wore them much.
my optometrist never really has styles that i like.

i am always hunting around the web for new glasses.
what good luck...firmoo contacted me a few months ago,
 and asked me to take a look at their site.
they even sent me a free pair of prescription glasses to review.
guess what, i'm in love!

firmoo carries glasses and sunglasses,
both prescription and non-prescription.
so many cute styles to choose from!

since i needed prescription glasses,
i just called my optometrist, and they told me my prescription.
i was able to enter it on firmoo's site when ordering.
the next time i saw my optometrist, i had them test my new glasses.
and they are legit!

their prices are pretty great.
and i really love their website! 

you can even upload a photo of yourself,
and use the virtual try-on feature.
you can see how you would really look in each pair.
takes the guesswork out of shopping for glasses online.
pretty rad.

now i want to order a few more different frames!

and guess what?
firmoo wanted me to share their first pair free program with my readers!
yay! you can get your first pair of glasses from firmoo for FREE!
prescription or non-prescription! or sunglasses!
you just have to pay for shipping. pretty awesome!
use the code: FIRMOOFREE at checkout.
click here to get started. have fun shopping!

disclaimer: this post was sponsored by firmoo.
all opinions are my own.

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  1. They look great! I need new glasses but I am too lazy to go to the doctors to get a new prescription.

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