Monday, February 23, 2009

sewing party

i took a sewing class in 7th grade and we made patchwork pillows. i also took needlecraft in jr high - it was the only "F" i've ever gotten. i didn't finish the needlecraft and i didn't care.

i had some girls over on saturday night. heather, shawni, lynsey, and ashley made it over. we cooked a recipe i had devised in my head but of course it already existed. white sauce lasagna with chicken and spinach. it was great and really cheesy. for dessert we made homemade mint ice cream with grasshopper cookies. we also ate lots of junk food. and we watched one of my favorite movies, the baxter.
we made little scripture bags from placemats and ribbon. really simple and cute. it was lynsey's first time sewing! and hers turned out so great! i learned how to make this bag at enrichment when i first moved into my new ward. it was intimidating because i didn't know a single person there but i am glad i went. i made a bag for jenessa when she left for australia and the girls wanted to make some too.
whoever brought the purple ribbon over, you left it here. also, no thanks to lynsey for leaving her giant bag of peanut m&m's over here for me to eat them all!

shawni stirring the lasagna filling.

lynsey reading the recipe.

the baxter, one of my favorite movies.

heather and ashley tackling the machines.

heather and i trying to unjam her machine.

lynsey and heather taking a magazine break: domino and readymade...feeling crafty.

me sewing on shawni's ribbons.

me helping lynsey with her corners.

lynsey's first sewing project - turned out AWESOME!

my new scripture case!

next time we're making aprons! or big totes???? any other ideas?


  1. How fun! I wish I could have joined you, but the mountains were calling! Next time...

  2. Those are really cool Jenn! Lynsey showed hers to us on Sunday and we thought they were awesome! We are planning to make them for a combined Young Women activity in March. I'm so excited! Especially since my scripture bag is ripping... haha! :)

  3. Your's turned out so cute Jenn. I love it! That was a great night, I love you!

  4. cute idea! i love making pillow slip covers over cheap walmart pillows using buttons to close the opening like a duvet cover. that way you can just wash the cover if it gets dirty or switch it out if you get bored with it.

  5. So cute - and what a fun girls' night! I'm in next time...assuming I don't have a funeral to attend.

    Oh yeat - Post your lasagne recipe! I could go for some cheesy pasta.

  6. That is so fun! I wanna get good at sewing!

  7. i'm sad. i missed it. i got off late then ran out of gas on my way. boo.