Tuesday, September 29, 2009

new camera

today turned out really fun. i didn't have a client this morning so will and i went to the park and i started teaching him how to shoot manual. fun having 2 DSLRs now. i love my new full-frame.

then we went to the grocery store. shopping together is such a treat for me. then i had a meeting, then a client, then went to kelly's. we made carrot smoothies and burnt a pizza but we got to watch the 2nd half of darjeeling limited. now i am ready to work out and edit some photos. i hope i don't get stuck peering through craft, design, photography, fashion, and music blogs instead. google reader is the devil. i can get really carried away with discovering ideas and inspiration, but unfortunately, all this discovery takes away time from sitting down and creating. does that make sense? do any of you also have this problem? a thousand projects to make, and time to make...none?

no trouble with the "get excited" part. i think we should make a monthly creative night. if it's scheduled it'll happen. who wants to make things with me?

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  1. I'm in. I have a huge list of things I'd love to make. (PS thank you for calling me...I had lost all my numbers and I'm glad to have yours again. I WILL call you back. I promise.)