Friday, March 20, 2009

happy first day of spring!

i love the poppies that are growing outside my apartment. there are white, yellow, peach, pink, orange, and this awesome red-orange color...i'm sorry i only had 10 seconds to photograph them and i did it while i was on the phone. these images are straight out of the camera, i am so backed up when it comes to editing. it's embarassing.
i love that springtime is here...the weather is amazing and i love where i live. last weekend i rode my bike to the orange circle and just took photos. i bought a sandwich and smoothie and read a short story on the benches by the fountain. i love the feeling of standing still and enjoying a moment of small things, such calm and peace, but being in the middle of a roundabout, you can observe everything and everyone swirling around you in a flurry. but YOU are a rock in the middle of it all. "i am a rock, i am an island..." just be careful when you take the crosswalk back to the real world.

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  1. That picture still looks great! Sounds like such a fun relaxing time! :)