Friday, November 19, 2010

old things.

if you have been to my house you know that i am a collector of old things.
vintage, antique, one of a kind, mixed and matched.
i have a lot of old books that i love too.
i love the yellowed pages, but i hate the stinky musty smell when you read them.
i heard you can put them in the freezer to get the rid of the smell.
it works, but then it comes back!
remember this post when i did a roundup of diy paper flowers?
this one is one of my faves... [tutorial here]
would be cuter with antiqued paper right?
instead of floral tape and green floral wire,
i think i would use skewers or branches, and masking tape,
to keep the natural earthy tones.
and look what i found!
free printable vintage sheet music!
antique-looking paper that doesn't stink!
so fun!
here is the link for the paper!
thank you graphics fairy for sharing!

so, print it cut it roll it scrunch it tape it vase it love it show it off!
(read that part in a daft punk voice...then download this app and dance)

happy friday!
this month is insanely crazy busy!

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